Chun-Li from Street Fighter 2 used for some drug prescription booklets in Japan

Some Japanese pharmacies are giving away drug prescription books with Chun-Li, the fighter introduced by Capcom with Street Fighter 2 and self-described as the world’s strongest woman, drawn on them.

In Japan, pharmacists jot down the medicines purchased by patients on the so-called okusuri techo, which can be translated as “medicine diary.” This is a simple booklet on which the medicines purchased are written. In case the customer does not have an okusuri techo or has forgotten it, pharmacists give them one as a gift. The reason is simple: they are obliged to mark the medicines, so they cannot do otherwise.

Three pharmacies in Fukuoka, which are not part of a single chain, have adopted these booklets with Chun-Li on them. drawn by legendary illustrator Akira “Akiman” Yasuda, the author of the character design for Street Fighter 2, for a very noble reason.

How did this collaboration come about? Pharmacies asked Akiman to make special techo okusuri that would be less anonymous, to lift the spirits of people wearied by the pandemic. It should be specified that Capcom has given its endorsement to the project, which thus enjoys official status.

The initiative seems to have had some success, so much so that booklets with Ryu and Ken should be arriving soon. In pharmacy yes, but opening the doors with the Spinning Bird Kick.