Etrian Odyssey, what happened to the new game? Let’s ask ourselves in the day of the 15 years of the series

The Etrian Odyssey series turns fifteen years old today, so what better time to ask what happened to the new chapter in the series, whose development was suggested more than three years ago now? We’re talking about a series of ultra hardcore first-person role-playing games developed by Atlus and released on Nintendo DS first and Nintendo 3DS later.

The last episode published was Etrian Odyssey Nexus for Nintendo 3DS, released in Japan in 2018 and arrived in our parts in 2019.

More specifically, within days of the Japanese edition’s release on August 2, 2018, Atlus released a teaser video in which the 3Ds game, the last one for the handheld, was referred to as “the announcement of the beginning of the next phase.”

Atlus then continued, making the message even clearer: “We are now moving quickly towards a completely new world for the Etrian Odyssey series, compared to what everyone has supported so far. We’re working hard to make it as quickly and correctly as possible, so keep supporting us.”

That was on July 28, 2018, and there has been no word of the new title since then. What ever happened to it? Many hoped that it would be announced just today, to celebrate the series’ birthday, but it wasn’t. Or, at least, it has not been so far. Maybe by the end of the day will actually come the announcement that will make this news old. Let’s hope so. Meanwhile, groping in the dark, since the new Etrian Odyssey, if ever there will be, we do not yet know platforms and economic model.