Minecraft: fixed a bug almost ten years old

With the patch 1.18.2, Mojang has fixed a bug in Minecraft that had been in the game for almost ten years, that is, since at least 2012. It wasn’t anything compromising, since it was a small graphical glitch, but evidently someone finally found the time to fix it, to the delight of those who have been facing it for years and years.

What did it consist of? Quite simply, it was a visual distortion of water blocks. Placing one water block diagonally to another would cause a strange distortion of the water block, as seen in the image below.

As we said, it was nothing dramatic and you could live very well even so, but it is good to see that update after update even some historical problems are addressed and resolved positively.

For the rest, patch 1.18.2 fixes other bugs in the game, in preparation for the launch of the Wild update with patch 1.19, which will introduce new content and who knows, maybe even some new bugs.