Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Combine To Ship 10m, Sets New Opening Weekend Record In Japan

If you’re having trouble finding Gimmighoul coins they’re CLEARLY at NCL headquarters.

The wilds of Paldea are full of trainers, if Nintendo’s sales reporting is any indication.

Nintendo released a statement on their Japanese corporate site this afternoon NA time confirming the pair have shipped more than 10m copies worldwide in their opening weekend (retail copies + digital sales). This includes a domestic (to Japan) total of 4.05m, which tops Splatoon 3’s mark of 3.45m set back in September. A follow up statement from Nintendo of America confirmed that Scarlet and Violet are the first games in Nintendo history to ship >10m copies in a weekend.

For comparison to prior titles: first recorded sales numbers for Pokemon Legends: Arceus were more 6.5m in a week, while Sword and Shield combined to sell more than 6m copies in their 2019 opening weekend.