Russian-Ukrainian war: Amanita Design will donate all revenues from three games to help the population

Amanita Design has announced that for the next week the revenues, from all the platforms on which they are available, of Machinarium, Chuchel and Creaks, three of its many titles, will be donated to an association that is working to help people in difficulty due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

We read the message posted on social net net:

Ukraine needs help right now

Our earnings next week from Machinarium, CHUCHEL and Creaks will be donated to č

Finally, thank you and respect to our friends at 11 bit studios and state of PLA!

In short, Amanita Design also took the side of the Ukrainian population, which in these hours is experiencing considerable difficulties due to the ongoing war. We hope these initiatives really serve.

Meanwhile, you can start from the official website of Amanita Design, if you want to join the initiative.