Super Mario 64: Nintendo has had scans of a 1996 guide removed, which is no longer commercially available

Super Mario 64: Nintendo has had scans of a 1996 guide, no longer on the market, removed Nintendo and its lawyers never sleep. This time they’ve taken action against nothing less than scans of an official Super Mario 64 guidebook from 1996, which has been out of print for years and never made it to the West.

The book, titled Super Mario 64 Complete Clear Guide Book, was published only in Japan and was particularly interesting because it also collected comments of the developers and photos of 3D dioramas of the game levels, made specifically to illustrate the volume. In short, it was a nice curiosity, even if only to browse virtually (the texts are completely in Japanese), but now you can no longer do, unless you spend between 200 and 300 dollars to buy a used copy on Ebay or other sites that sell second-hand items.

Note that the author of the scans was not making any money. Summing up: few people knew the volume, fans were happy because they could see a rarity without spending large sums, Nintendo was not harmed in any way, so why the legal action?

Yet that’s what happened: Nintendo of America has sent an injunction to remove the scans to the Internet Archive, which served as hosting, which in turn has turned it to, Comfort Food Video Games, author of the same. The latter said he was sorry for what happened and would like to contest the thing, but did not have the means to fight Nintendo’s lawyers. So he limited himself to do what he asked, wondering where the damage was for the company. As a matter of fact, the only ones to be harmed will be Mario fans, who will no longer be able to access the guide. The final passage of CFVG’s message is also interesting: “I’m an amateur on the video game preservation scene, but I can’t think of anything more depressing than a bunch of people working hard and devoting their free time and money to archiving and preserving the history of the medium, while corporations like Nintendo do nothing to help and, indeed, hinder the cause.”