Switch Sports is played by 20-year-olds who were fans of Wii Sports according to Nintendo

According to Nintendo’s president-Shuntaro Furukawa’s disclosure, Nintendo Switch Sports has achieved success and the players who buy it are mainly Wii Sports fans who are around 25 years old.

Precisely, the information was shared during a financial meeting of Nintendo. The president said that Nintendo Switch Sports had “an extremely strong start in all regions.” However, there are no exact sales figures at this time.

Furukawa says that Nintendo Switch Sports is accessible and attractive to many types of gamers, so it could expand the console’s audience. In addition, he says that the largest portion of Nintendo Switch Sports buyers are “customers around 25 years old who used to play Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.”

Nintendo Switch Sports soccer

Of course, Nintendo Switch Sports cannot be expected to achieve the same results as Wii Sports (i.e., about 83 million copies), since the latter was included with the console. In the case of Switch Sports, the fact that it is sold as a complete game means that each copy brings in a profit-the Japanese company’s goals will be much lower.

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch Sports is full of users with vulgar and disgusting names; fans are demanding a solution.