The inclusion of Wii Sports for free with Wii generated clashes at Nintendo.

Based on what was revealed by Reggie Fils-Aime, former president of Nintendo of America, we learn that the inclusion of Wii Sports as a free game bundled with Wii generated clashes at Nintendo, as many did not see it as a cost-effective maneuver for the company.

Thus, historical information and background on Nintendo continues to emerge, following the publication of the book “Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo” by former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, in this case with the account of the fact that the inclusion of Wii Sports in Wii bundles was not taken well by everyone within the company, generating tensions.

According to some, including Fils-Aime himself, the inclusion of Wii Sports in the Wii bundles had the power to immediately communicate perfectly the concept behind the console, namely the control system through movement and the fact of playing together as the basis of entertainment.

Wii Sports, image of the famous golf game

Others, including Saturo Iwata, Nintendo’s president at the time, were rather dubious about the initiative, mainly because they saw it as unseemly to essentially distribute “valuable content” for the company for free, which could have helped hardware purchases and even software sales.

However, one particularly persuasive argument that Fils-Aime used to convince even Iwata was the fact that Wii Sports could be just the right tool to break the company out of its user niche and explode the console into the mass market, as indeed happened.

From the same book, we also learned several other backstories such as the fact that the Game Boy Micro was not considered a good idea by Nintendo of America and that Fils-Aime hated Donkey Konga.