The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for PC available, is an amateur port

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is finally available on PC. Of course this is not an official port made by Nintendo, but one made by fans and renamed Ship of Harkinian, to avoid copyright issues.

For the port, the team Harbour Masters has used the code derived from the so-called Zelda Reverse Engineering Team through reverse engineering, so as to have a version identical to that for the Nintendo 64 … Indeed, improved, since several new features have been added, which will be appreciated by PC users.

These include high-resolution graphics, support for widescreen, keyboard support, support for controllers with gyroscope and vibration and, above all, the ability to mod the game. Harbour Masters also promised that in future updates will come 60fps, text-to-speech, dual-stick framing controls, 3D models and high-definition audio, and much more, such as support for Mac and Linux.

Although Ship of Harkinian is based on the code of the original, you still need a ROM of the Nintendo 64 version to play it. The reason is simple: using the resources created by Nintendo is illegal, so you need to draw them from the source. Obviously you must have a copy of the game regularly purchased in stores.

Also released a video to explain the work behind Ship of Harkinian, which lasted more than ten years (starts at 9:57):

The footage also shows the greater fluidity of the PC version compared to the original. It’s nice to see such a classic running at over 20fps.

To download Ship of Harkinian you need to connect to the project’s Discord server, where you’ll find all the relevant links.