Etrian Odyssey Nexus review

One last time strolling through Atlus ‘ mazes on Nintendo 3DS with Etrian od Ne Here is our review.

Etrian od Ne SSE Ne Ne Neus is officially the latest iteration of the Atlus franchise to come out for the Nintendo 3DS. We do not yet know how the new generation of Etrian Odse In the meantime, however, we can enjoy a concluding chapter that mixes the best features that have followed each other in the series through the years, a kind of “greatest hits” that wants to greet fans with a love letter full of challenges and nostalgia.

A story of adventurers

The plot has never played a prominent role in the Etrian Odyssey – except for the spin-off Etrian Odyssey Untold, developed, and, above all, on the front of the narrative – and Etrian Odyssey Nexus is no exception, and using it only as an excuse to believe in the heart of the adventure. This time we find ourselves on the floating island of Lemuria, in the presence of Queen Persephone of the city of Maginia, who will instruct us to explore the surrounding ruins in search of a great treasure. Fans who have played the previous episodes will recognize some characters such as Napier from Etrian Odse Everything, in Etrian od Ne SSE Ne Ne Neus, is designed to evoke the memory of this or that episode, starting with the dungeons that we will have to explore and that recall the puzzles and the peculiar mechanics seen already in the past.

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In this sense, Etrian od Ne SSE Ne Ne Moderna is not exactly the most original title in the series, but its purpose is certainly not to innovate, but to continually pay homage to the past in a more modern and complete packaging. The structure has in fact remained the same: the player, first of all, will have to form a first group of heroes by choosing their appearance among the different predefined illustrations and their classes. In Etrian od Ne SSE Ne Ne Ne Atlus has re-balanced stats and skills to ensure even veterans a certain freshness in the composition of the team, but those who have already played the previous Etrian Odse

This new episode lacks the racial diversity introduced in Etrian Odse SSE V V, but Atlus has well thought of re-implementing the force Boost of Etrian OD OD sset Untold 2, a mechanic that boosts characters after a certain number of fights – again random, but predictable thanks to a special indicator – and allows you to use a powerful special attack that changes from class to class. This means that some classes have been modernized with skills that in the past they did not have, so even those who have already spent hours and hours experimenting with strategies in the previous Etrian Odse

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The latest maps

The world map of Etrian od Ne SSE Ne Ne Ne The exploration takes place in the first person on a map divided ideally into boxes. Nib in hand, it is ideal to draw the map on the lower screen of the Nintendo 3DS, recording notes and notes thanks to a wide variety of icons to better detail the road traveled. Accuracy, at this stage of the game, can determine the success of the mission. The difficulty is already high at the default level Basic, although you can set one really low, called Picnic for the fact,or two even more difficult, Eper

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With your head down, you’re not going anywhere. It is essential to build a functional team, composed of classes in synergy, with dedicated healers and defenders. Etrian od Ne SSE Ne Ne Neus, like its predecessors, is a role-playing game in which skills that inflict abnormal conditions on enemies are of great importance, especially when facing FoE, an acronym that stands for Field on Enem. It is not easy to learn how to consume resources sparingly or choose battles to fight, but each victory guarantees a unique satisfaction, especially when you take down the most powerful bosses. We often find ourselves exploring a bit of the map, solving the side missions – unfortunately quite trivial – that have been assigned to us in the city, then returning to the base, earning experience points and spending the accumulated money on new weapons and armor.

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On a technical level, there is not much to say. Etrian od Ne SSE Ne Ne Ne Battles take place in the first person, old-fashioned, and even the effects of the skills and spells employed can appear quite spartan. The enemies, on the other hand, are more than discreetly groomed and animated, although there is not a huge variety: most of them come directly from the previous chapters. On the musical front, the historical composer of the series ,u

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It is impossible to recommend Etrian od Ne SSE Ne Ne Ne On the contrary, it is a title that we can not help but suggest to those who have loved the previous episodes and above all love the real challenges and almost total customization. In this sense, Etrian od Ne SSE Ne Ne Neus automatically becomes the perfect starting point for those who have never played an Etrian od Ne Ssey


  • It is the longest lived and most complete Etrian Odse
  • Very high level of customization
  • Drawing maps is always fun


  • The plot is practically not there
  • It can become frustrating and repetitive
  • Few news