Just Dance 2020 review

Our review of Nintendo dance 2020 for Nintendo SW

With this review of us for Nintendo s Dance Dance 2020 we are here to remind you that in life only three things are certain: death, taxes and the annual appointment with Ubisoft’s music video game. In detail, Theust Since then it has been under the bridge, although on balance in the last five years the production has been extremely conservative, and Ubisoft particularly reluctant to introduce substantial innovations. So let’s try to understand both how the Best Dance 2020 is structured, and how much is new in the main offer.

The gameplay

The first steps on Dance Dance 2020 immediately reveal how the Ubisoft title is, this year in particular, the simple repurposing of an already known product, with the minimum and necessary updates of the case. The initial menu is identical in all respects to that of Danceust Dance 2019 (the writer has also reviewed the previous appointment, have patience and trust): opening titles, logo, reminds the player that for their children there is Dance Noteworthy detail :ust Dance 2020 will identify the saving data of Dance Dance 2019 already present on the console, thus welcoming you back and bringing with it a small part of the content already unlocked (but only the aesthetic ones). The player’s level starts from 1 instead, so as not to ruin the progression system.

Just Dance 2020 2

Already starting the reproduction of the first songs present, it is clear Howust The player then has to start dancing again imitating as faithfully as possible the funny characters and mannequins moving in the background (not even their design has changed), accumulating points on points and thus filling the bar on the left side of the screen. It is possible to obtain from one to five stars, and in cases of remarkable skill also the word Superstar, with maximum points allowed. Each Score is recorded locally on the console, so that a healthy competition can be maintained between different profiles of different players.

Just Dance 2020 5

Remember that to play J-With, or download the app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Nintendo Sitchitch probably remains the perfect console for this type of experience, both because of the responsiveness and accuracy in recording the movement of Theo.. well, you can always carryust


Just Dance 2020 chooses to remain completely faithful to last year’s version from the point of view of the user interface, menus and gamepla cambiano You will find 43 new tracks, each of which also has variants and remixes; the force of things, here we present only the main ones: 365-Zedd and Katy Perry 7 Rings and God Is a Woman by Ariana Grande, “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”, Bay Shark by Pinkfong, Bad Boy’s riton & Kah-Lo, Policeman by Eva Simons ft. Konshens, Taki Taki and many more. Clearly you can evaluate the purchase also considering the extent to which these songs may interest you, because otherwise nothing prevents you from holdingust

Just Dance 2020 3

Because yes, as you can imagine beyond the 43 songs present Inust Ustust Dance Unlimited is offered with daily, monthly, quarterly and annual subscription packages (the latter costs about 25 euros), and is once again configured as The Definitive Experience of the Ubisoft title. Too bad that spending about 60 euros for an unreleased video game offers just 43 songs and a free month of the pass: perhaps it would be the case to increase either the number of unreleased songs overall or that of the free subscription months included in the package.

Graphic and technical sector

Little and nothing to report regarding the graphic and technical sector Ofust However, we have noticed a greater care for the backdrops and in the details of the choreography: looking closely at the backgrounds, the latter appear sharper and more definitive, and generally satisfy the Glance more. But it’s really the only noteworthy annotation you can provide. Excellent, however, the feedback of the Nintendo

Just Dance 2020 1

Finally, we note the presence of a new very marginal game mode, which adds to the single and onl experienceINE (which remains asynchronous): the cooperative mode. Basically two players in the same game will stop competing in obtaining the highest score, but will cooperate in filling a single bar of stars. Union makes strength, as they say: even in the dance.


Tested version Nintendo Sitch

Digital Delivery Nintendo eShop

Price 59,99 €

Last Dance 2020 has remained identical to the previous year’s version, except for a greater care in the screen backgrounds during your performances by experienced dancers. There are 43 new songs, which you can consult in advance so as to weigh the purchase; another 500 you can unlock by paying for the subscription toust Ubisoft’s title remains an excellent musical part game for any type of party, suitable for both children (Withust Sooner or later, however, we expect some noteworthy news: perhaps the developers are collecting the little material that could really innovate the formula on the occasion of the generational leap that will take place at the end of 2020. We like to dream of this possibility, at least. Meanwhile, we continue to dance.


  • 43 new songs
  • IO or Con
  • It remains the definitive musical part game


  • Identical to the 2019 version
  • Online has (still) only one game mode
  • In single does not offer too much stimulation