Kirby and The New Cloth Of The Hero, the review

Straight from the glorious era W Here is our review.

Although Nintendo’s efforts are now totally focused on Sitch On the other hand, it is thanks to the two-screen laptop that we owe the fact that the company knew and could keep the bar straight during the dark period W The obsolescence of consoles is however an inescapable fact, which in the case of the 3DS has pushed even more a system, already in itself often associated with a young audience, towards a niche of players in pre-adolescence. On the other hand, except for special cases and nostalgic fans, who can really use a 3DS in 2019? Children, for the most part. Or at least those who “save” themselves from the exclusive use of smartphones and tablets, perhaps by the choice of some parent-gamer who appreciates the robustness of Nintendo handheld, the reduced price and the rich catalog of titles. So here is Kirb e and the new fabric of the hero becomes the perfect product for this type of audience: a simple but not simplistic adventure, accessible and delicious, coming straight from the glorious era of W

A world hanging by a thread

In fact, 8 years have passed since the release of Kirb e and the Cloth Of The Hero, at the beginning of 2011, in one of the happiest periods in Nintendo’s recent history. It is more than likely, however, for the personal reasons described above, that for most of the potential players of this 3DS version the adventure of the round pink hero is completely new. The choice of the House of Kotooto obviously fits into the desire to give life to the laptop through reduced investments: in this case the choice appears fully apt, because Kirb e Of course, the lower screen serves little or nothing, but this is not necessarily a problem, nor has it been in other cases. For the rest, the hardare Yes, because, as the name suggests, this chapter in the series of Kirby is one of the exponents of the increasingly wide category of games “materials” developed by Good-Feel, and from here it was later enlarged with Yoshi’s Woolly World and the upcoming Yoshi’s Crafted World. The plot is a small fairy tale, and sees Kirb trasportato transported to Toppalandia, a world made all of threads and fabrics; there he meets Prince wad and decides to help him defeat the evil wizard Malandrana and restore the kingdom to its original splendor. No longer having the plump texture of the past, Kirby can not suck up enemies and absorb their powers; for this reason he can now rely on a kind of WHIP of red thread, through which he is able to dI hit enemies and interact with the environment. This last element is a fundamental component in the development of level design, since it is precisely through the manipulation of the backdrops that the material element takes on greater consistency: the hero can then spread fabrics, unravel skeins, remove threads and pull zip, thus giving a further thickness to the graphic element that goes beyond the pure aesthetic aspect. To guarantee variety to the otherwise linear progression of a fairly standard 2D platformer we think of the transformations, that is, of the prefixed sections in which the eclectic Kirby can be transformed into different means such as a tank truck, a fire truck, a train or a dune buggy

Kirby E La Nuova Stoffa Dell Eroe 18

New content

If the title is to suggest anything, it is clear that that ” new ” fabric of the hero has a certain meaning. In fact, this version for 3DS is not a simple direct port of the original for W First of all, 6 headdresses have been introduced, which Kirb recuperare can recover over the course of the levels and which allow him to obtain additional abilities and powers, such as wielding a sword, or throwing a bomb or becoming a vortex. Although interesting at first bars, the hats reveal rather quickly their nature of a fake addition, which poorly blends with the balance of the original formula giving an additional, excessive advantage to the player. Then there is the demonic mode, which basically has as its main characteristic the presence of a small but annoying devil who tries to hinder the hero by throwing prickly balls at him. In addition, Kirb ha himself has in this case a limited amount of energy, which forces you to start the level again after taking 5 hits. It is an interesting variant, albeit a bit repetitive in its development, which increases a challenge rate practically non-existent in the normal mode, and which therefore appears particularly appreciable for those who need a further stimulus or for those who want to find a sense to face the adventure a second time. Much less incisive are the two mini-games andtra”(a timed challenge) and “Meta Knight chopper” (more combat-focused): rather negligible variations of the main formula, which can engage for a few minutes but which are unlikely to catch anyone’s attention. Sorry instead for the elimination of the Multipla mult Completely absent, in a largely obvious way, the 3D mode.

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Kirb Eroe and the new fabric of the hero is a conversion that finds on 3DS full legitimacy, guaranteeing the two-screen laptop, now at the end of the career, an “old-New” quality title to add to the very long list. Despite almost 10 years on his shoulders, the adventure of the bizarre protagonist rosa is still fresh, fun and delicious, despite its simplicity and almost total absence of challenge. Of course, the additions compared to the versione I version are almost all negligible, but the quality of the level design and the consistency of a very pleasant and very original graphic style make Kirb e and the new fabric of the hero a product to be taken into serious consideration for all those, few or many who are still playing with the 3DS.


  • Gamepla attuale
  • Brilliant Level design
  • Irresistible graphic style


  • Additions compared to the version trascur
  • For some it may be too simple