Mario & Luigi: journey to the center of Bo .ser + The Adventures of Boer, review

Back in the Mushroom Kingdom with the second 3DS remake of the Mario & Luigi franchise. Our review of Mario & Luigi: journey to the center of Bo .ser + The Adventures of Boer

AlphaDream is the next second-part Nintendo Nintendo that should enter the world of Home Productions. We throw it there, so, although maybe this is not the best place to say it since yes, The Adventures of Boer it is an exceptional first fruit, perfect for the portable experience and son of the same operation of Bo SC The Japanese based in Tokoo have always developed for laptops and almost always above average titles; it is no coincidence that the team incorporates employees of the old Squaresoft – released before the 2003 merger with Enix Mario & Luigi’s is an almost twenty-year franchise, the classic extremely enjoyable product that manages to put ideas, inventiveness, that positive lightness that makes the use a joy for all those looking for carefree adventures but able to tear a smile, all in motion. Trip to the center of Bos What today, almost ten years later, we can assure you is the strength of its playful proposal: the title has kept its evergreen qualities unchanged, enriched by a classy remake and a New, already known strategic addition that is always needed.

Trio of allies

For plot and details we refer you to the review of travel time to the center of Bo. That aspect of the story has remained unchanged; today we are interested in confirming the restoration work carried out by AlphaDream on 3DS, similar to that carried out for the previous remake. Not only does the adoption of the 3DS-exclusive Mario&Luigi engine make these remakes vastly more enjoyable and rich than their original counterparts (in this case the DS version), but the team’s stubbornness has made aesthetics a universally appreciable element.

Mario Luigi Viaggio Al Centro Di Bowser 3Ds 9

Sprites, animations, backdrops, games of light and water physics make use of the greater power of the 3DS to offer an exponentially richer picture of the release on DS, except for the polygonal sections where instead the limits of the console come out with great ease. Net of this last aspect, journey to the center of Bos From this point of view, AlphaDream had built AT ta motor able to withstand the weight of the years and, after Superstar Saga this remake is the second real proof. The rampant sympathy of the narrative casts the entire cast of the Mushroom Kingdom into that fairy-tale dimension you’d expect from an episode of the franchise, topped off this time by the chance to play and control Bos This time the key idea is the distortion of the standard mechanics: for most of the trip will be Boerser the protagonist immersed in a three-dimensional gamepla, while Mario and Luigi will be left the scepter of two-dimensional comprimari, precisely inside the body of Bo. As often happens, a simple mechanic is enough to give new life to something established and the inventiveness of AlphaDream still remains fresh, fun, rewarding and stimulating.

What is not done for Papo

We said, the stylus element: this is undoubtedly the DS legacy that made us smile the most. Pass the having to put the console vertically during some clashes, it is the nib that made us rethink for a few moments how much time has passed since those years when that stylus was the emblem of casual gaming.

Mario Luigi Viaggio Al Centro Di Bowser 3Ds 6

Today finding yourself scratching the touch seems like an action of ages ago and it is simple to perceive all the playful limits; fortunately the situations are rarefied in the flow, they are moments of a few seconds of a gamepla telef Beyond this, the rest is a wonder: a full-bodied story, playful variations of the parties involved, depth of the role component, soundtrack over the top. Ah, for those who were asking yes, once again we have the opportunity to speed up the Intermezzo scenes, a certainly welcome addition given the trend to the story that has always been the trademark of the franchise. Viaggio al centro di Boerser embodies the quintessence of the Mario & Luigi saga, or the ability to tell stories suitable for everyone, at any time, that never fade and that by adding every hour a pinch of many different elements are constantly refreshing.

Mario Luigi Viaggio Al Centro Di Bowser 3Ds 3

Of course Nintendo knew it could not limit itself to this and again the parallel strategic addition returns, this time focused on the adventures of Boer and the Boer Serotti, able to shed new light on the peperino character of Boer Ser’s son and on the personalities of his allies. Net of a certain simplicity of concept, the addition of these spin-offs (the same happened with the remake of Superstar Saga) Continues to seem like an excellent integration that allows you to break the rhythm of the main campaign to try your hand at a gamepla sostanzialmente AlphaDream perfects the strategic model and enriches it with many new units and joints, making it in fact a game in its own right where the user, having completed the changing Assembly of the team, is a spectator with a bit of playful engagement in some decision-making juncture. A sort of chess battle much more brawler that colors the remake of diversity, completing it also in terms of history and longevity, reaching even about ten hours if concluded well.


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Mario & Luigi is a saga that we hope will never end. Each time AlphaDream finds a way to reinvent itself and throw in the cauldron ideas of a structure that manages to remain solid and fulfilling, as well as fun and ideal for playing on the move. Nintendo gives us another great remake, enriched by the strategic spin-off of Boer, which allows the series to reappear to new recruits, in the hope of seeing the talented team try their hand at a home console. How long until the announcement for Sitch


  • Fresh, enjoyable, long
  • The graphics engine still holds up very well
  • The adventure of Bos it’s a great addition


  • Use of the stylus now outdated