Rise of the Third Power, la recensione di un nuovo JRPG old-style

From the authors of Ara Fell comes a new JRPG “Western” that promises a beautiful structure and a journey typical of the games of the 90s. Ready to jump on board?

Stegosoft Games has a cute, cuddly logo, the first piece of a little bedside picture that screams out loud “Hey, we’re people who grew up in the 90s”. From Ohio comes a JRPG that J is not, as Japanese has the mood, atmosphere, playful characteristics but not the dialogue. The curriculum of the small team is very short but interesting, as well as curious is the title chosen – Rise of the Third Power – a sort of hymn to fantasy politics between kingdoms, princesses, wars and battles.

There is a series of elements that takes and hooks those fans of Japanese role-playing games of other eras, now left in a corner to chew crumbs of a genre that has become something else, or perhaps it is almost dead and is kept alive by fans such as, precisely, those of Stegosoft. Who among the readers feels like embarking on a quest fun, funny, moderately complex and with a turn-based combat as they have not seen for a long time?