Yo-Kai Watch 3 review for Nintendo 3DS

The final chapter of an unmissable adventure, inspired by the world of Pokemon

It seems that the goal has finally been achieved: Europe is officially on par with the serie The funny creatures inspired by oriental folklore at home have immediately achieved exceptional success, so as to seriously undermine the primacy of the Pokemon franchise over the years, with which they share more than one aspect in the gamepla. With us, the main chapters of the serie-Kai serie match series have taken a long time to arrive: think that Y-Kai W Match 3 was published in Japan in 2016, and is only available here in Europe for a few days; in America it will even arrive in early February 2019. While we wait for Level – 5 to finish the work on the highly anticipated Y

Plot: the adventure doubles

Atcho-Kaiatch Match 3 is the largest, most full-bodied and complete game ever: in Japan it was published three times, first in the classic initial double represented by the chapters Sushi and Tempura, then by the third episode Suki. The one you can buy in Europe is the Suki versioneaki version, generically known Aso Never as in this case we could say that the adventure also doubles as regards the plot of the game: Yo-Kai Watch 3 is back, of course, the protagonist of the always and already present in the Yo-Kai Watch 2, that is Born, in the company of those jokers of Whisper and Jibanyan, but they are not alone, since the plot will be punctuated by episodes alternate with the focus now on the adventures of Nate, now on those of her friend Anne.

Yo-Kai Watch 3, la recensione per Nintendo 3DS

Anne is a completely new character in the franchise, and we hope that she will be recovered because she has charisma to sell: her exploits will bring her for the first time ever in contact with the world of the invisible Japanese spirits, thanks to the intervention of Usapon Certainly you can expect, however, a more interesting management of the main themes of the series: friendship, adventure, teamwork regarding Nate and his compagni more than psychological introspection and emotional drama (without ever exaggerating, however) on the part of Anne and Usapon What we have talked about so far is the real, great novelty of Y From the point of view of the gamepla novità, however, there are really too few, and it is the main flaw of an incredibly rich production of content, perhaps the real Swan Song of the Nintendo 3DS (at least in Europe).

Contents: Moreo

In themselves, the titles of the serie-Kai series always offer an impressive amount of hours of play, especially for completists: in perfect Pokemon style, in fact, the player impersonates Nate (and now also Anne) while the latter embarks on a series of adventures that bring him into contact with a number of spirits, with each of which it will be possible to fight and make friends, and then insert it into their collection. Eacho Kai medal obtained by defeating the cute little monsters will be added to the Medal (i.e. to the Pokemon immaginato imagined by Level-5) from where it will then be possible to summon them to add them to your team and thus start new fights. Apart from the conclusion of the main plot, therefore, the player can do a little what he wants: explore the game world in all its breadth by discovering all the secrets, collect all the availableo

Yo Kai Watch 3 00001

And here comes the beauty, because of content contenuti Now, imagine having to find all 600o The game world, then, doubles in turn, as well as the number of presenti-kai present, the protagonists and the narrative lines: this time we will no longer find ourselves exploring (only) the already vast Japanese town of Valdoro, but above all Arachidia, a real Imaginary Metropolis of the United States where the unpublished ‘Mericano


All this ben Di Dio could immediately make you explode in cries of joy, especially if you are real lovers of the series Y The problem of Y-Kaiatch Match 3, which we know will probably be properly addressed with the next Yamepla che Once again, Theo-Kai are thrown onto the battlefield and then left to their own devices, doing whatever they like based on their own personal inclinations; they each belong to a specific tribe and have particular moves, but how useful is such a variety of types and classes when real-time combat goes its own way?

Yo Kai Watch 3 00003

The player can use the Nintendo 3DS stylus to punch the Wits, incite them, make them perform the Super devastating special move once it is loaded properly, and move them within a new grid with a width of nine boxes; the latter aspect certainly adds a bit of strategy, but everything remains too simplistic, random and perhaps even confusing to really succeed in shining the hope is that Y And above all we take advantage of the opportunity to praise once again the artistic direction and the technical sector made by Level-5 on a console that has now several years behind it: y


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O o-Kaiatch Match 3 is the final chapter of an exclusive trilogy born and raised on Nintendo 3DS, for us Westerners probably the swan song of the entire console. It is the perfect chapter for newcomers, and of course also unmissable for all those who have supported the Japanese spirits since their first arrival on the market: a very particular franchise that owes so much to Pokemon, but that is not afraid to aim even further, and above all straight on its original road. Technically flawless, masterfully voiced, the only aspect of the gamepla purtroppo that unfortunately spoils the whole experience a bit is a combat system that never really worked, and that INO


  • Curated, long-lived and fun plot
  • Lots Ofo
  • Technically outstanding on Nintendo 3DS


  • The combat system must change
  • A few more online modes can only do good
  • Difficulty level to raise slightly